Oh or O? — Transcribing Question

In the transcription guide, ‘oh’ is used in some examples. However, in here, it says o must be transcribed as uppercase O. Is it okay to use either?

Just use the new one which is O


@leery :astonished:
“Oh” is wrong, thanks for reporting it, this is already corrected.

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I am using capital O as per new update.

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Hello! I have another concern other than the much lower pay rate than the previously before the update. I collect more than 50 transcripts, so I can just wait for the corrected tasks but instead of checking, it was basically WASHED OUT or went back to ZERO! It’s not zero because it was checked but it was removed for some reason. And, when I am not transcribing, the slower I get checked tasks. It’s been 4 hrs and I can’t get 1 dollar? This is super slave work. I gather more than 500 tasks already. Please fix this. Don’t just be sorry. We really want to work but you are being super unfair to our part.

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Me too. My 500 tasks were paid $2 at most. I am really contemplating if I should still continue here. I mean, yes we do get paid, but it is not enough considering the amount of time we spent and the earnings gathered. Not only that, but I feel like all the efforts I gave every day is being wasted. :disappointed: :tired_face:

Hi @ellissa, @Angelica1025,
The tasks decreased the amount of seconds to transcribe, before the audios lasted about 8 seconds, now they last about 5 seconds, so the value of those tasks decreased.
For that reason you have completed tasks, and you do not see the same amount of payment as before, but in theory you have also transcribed less than before.

I disagree with the theory. I have been putting more time and effort this time since I can see that I need to transcribe more tasks so I can get to a specific amount. I transcribed 300 to 400 transcripts everyday but I barely get 1 dollar. You know how unfair that was?

True. And to think that I get better accuracy and contributions than before. I really do not think it is on the number of tasks and its length that we are having this low payment.