Oops unavailable audio

Can someone please do something about the unavailable audios, I get like 10-15 of those messages in a row then one task then another 10 unavailable audios…

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Thank you for informing us.
If it often happens, you can wait a while, clear your browser cache and try again. If you still have this problem, please let me know again.

I did, and I even tried a whole other PC and it’s still the same, I used to have the message every while now I get it more and more, even more often than the tasks itself.

so an update on the problem,
now I get the message less but another problem happened which is when I click on “take another task” it reloads the same unavailable task and gives me the same message again, it doesn’t load another task, so I have to close the editor and reopen it again every time I get that message.

The same thing happens to me also. It shows the same audio over and over and that ooops dialogue box appears. It’s so frustrating.

I have the same problem