Pay per task is the lowest I've seen in 6 months. Can you do something about this?

Hello there. After 100 reviewed tasks I only earned $0.3, which is quite low. Will the pay rate go up? Thank you.


The same happened with me too. It seems they don’t care about the pay anymore. Wasn’t expected.

For 66 tasks I was paid 0.32 dollars. :unamused:

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discouraging. 71 tasks with 96% accuracy to earn only 0.07.

|Tasks delivered today: 214|Amount earned for 173 corrected tasks $ 0,8029817219| :frowning_face:

New to atexto here. I have delivered 486 tasks and received only 0,53 cents. Is payment usually this low?

Same, getting $0.0004 per task, please do something :cry:

For me, it is quite reasonable that they don’t give higher rate at first since you’re just transcribing 1-10 seconds audio, and sometimes there’s only 1-2 words to be fixed. But, as you go on transcribing, you’ll receive higher pay rate. Honestly, don’t give up on this website because they have an easy tasks yet you’ll legitimately received a pay out unlike the other websites like the QA World. I’m transcribing a 4-16 minutes audio yet they just paid me 0.17 on my account. This is actually a better website.

I agree with you. I have tried the same website and you have to be fast just to get calls that shows up on the dashboard.