Payment Not received

I request made on last Friday but Not received any payment in my paypal account…

Hi @jaswant, your payment is being processed.

@AustimMunoz OKay thank you…
Can you pls update me. When will I received my payment in paypal.

We just sent the first payments batch a couple of minutes ago, your payment didn’t required extra review so it’s on your account now.

Yes received… Just…
Thank you… Guys…

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Agradeceríamos se você compartilhasse seu comprovante de pagamento aqui: Atexto é real? Provas de pagamento - #7 by

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I haven’t received my payment.

Your payment is expected to be processed tomorrow, we’re still checking them.

Thank you for your reply.


On our side, all the payments are completed; please contact PayPal.

Obrigado, já atualizei meu comentário. O valor já caiu em minha conta do paypal. Obrigado!!

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