Payment Withdrawal Suggestion

Since there have been payment issues with Atexto and lots of complaints as well maybe Atexto should consider not having a minimum payout. Just a thought and opinion that I hope to be considered especially since a lot of us here need to meet the $10 minimum to request a withdrawal but how about in situations like this where there are no tasks available to transcribe to meet that minimum withdrawal? I hope we could still receive whatever amount there is on our accounts while waiting for more tasks to be available. It could also be convenient if those amounts would be sent automatically to the Paypal address that we have elected.


Thank you for your feedback, it will be taken into consideration. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello! I would like to ask why I haven’t received my payment? It’s been 6 days. My paypal email is Any updates about that?

Hi, payments will be made today, please note that the Atexto time with that of your country may have a difference of up to 10 hours, so be a reason why you feel that the payment takes a long time to be made.

Hi I 'm new here. I just want to ask I do have $13 how to withdraw it? since it’s Friday now.

Yes, you can withdraw this money now.

Where can i check my earnings?

I have not yet received my money, I made withdraw on 22nd Oct, my email is

Click on your name in the upper right hand corner
You can check your earnings per task in the “My tasks” section.
You can check your total earnings in the “My money” section.


Payments will be made tomorrow.

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Hello, I haven’t received my payment yet, it’s been a week since I made withdraw, when will I receive payment?

Hello, @Vidya,
We have credited your PayPal account.
But PayPal has held the money, you can contact PayPal technical support.