Platform enhancements

We are pleased to announce that we have resolved the issues and improved the speed of our platform. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re working to make sure you can work at your best.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: What’s new?

  • More speed in submitting tasks.

  • Getting to the next task has never been faster than it is now.

  • Your tasks are corrected super-fast.

We have new transcription tasks available: ⚡ New transcription tasks available!.

Hi Austim

And what about the issues with the Repeat Out Loud tasks? It seems that nothing has happened to resolve the problems that several of us have experienced.

I would really love to hear when and IF we are ever going to be reimbursed for the wrongly rejected tasks.


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Hi, @Diana30,

We still have to solve this issue, your Repeat Out Loud tasks will be paid as soon as this is solved, sorry it has not been soon because several projects have overlapped, and it has not been possible to follow up that problem in the last days, I will always keep you informed.

Your tasks will be paid for, I can assure you.

So @AustimMunoz, it is now 7 days further down the line with no indication as to when I am going to receive the money Atexto owe me. At the very least, a reply to say it is going to be paid in 1 week, 2 weeks, 2022 or next century would be helpful. OR why doesn’t the company calculate the amount owed to each collaborator who is in this situation and just put the money in our paypal accounts?

Then we would be off your backs and you could get the issue resolved without having to deal with irate people like me.