Platform problems

By this means technical problems related to the Atexto page will be announced.

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There was a problem that prevented us from viewing the balance and performing some tasks, a solution has been found. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have not received the welcome bonus

And I have much unreviewed tasks since 19th May 2021

@neheg We will be reviewing your case, thank you for informing us.

Please review fast because today is fast coming to an end and I need to make withdrawal request as soon as possible.

Idem je n’ai pas reçu le bonus de bienvenue

This is the third time I am complaining about much backlog of unreviewed tasks since 19th May 2021 and it’s keep increasing on daily basis yet nothing has been done. Yesterday and today I have about 182 unreviewed tasks and in total I have up to 230+ tasks that’s unreviewed. It’s disheartening that I will spent hours doing this tasks yet it remain unreviewed for days.

Please review these tasks because it encourages us to work more.

Thank you.

Good evening AustimMunoz

I want to first thank you for the tasks that have been reviewed after my yesterday’s complaint on unreviewed tasks. But there are still much unreviewed tasks and they’re as follows:

23/5/2021 - 33 unreviewed tasks
22/5/2021 - 51 unreviewed tasks
21/5/2021 - 8 unreviewed tasks
20/5/2021 - 16 unreviewed tasks
19/5/2021 - 28 unreviewed tasks

Total: 136 unreviewed tasks.

I would be happy if these tasks are reviewed and my welcome bonus credited on/or before Friday in order to make withdrawal.

Thank you.

Good morning AustimMunoz.

Since my yesterday’s complaint, nothing has been done to review my tasks done. I still have 136 unreviewed tasks. Please do and review them.

It pains me alot seeing my tasks, which I spent hours to do still remain unreviewed.

Please review them for me to have joy and encouragement to continue working in this platform.

Thank you.

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@AustimMunoz My dashboard with task details is not displaying on my page .

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Hola Jaysu, me sucede lo mismo…

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Yes, this error is being fixed in the dashboard…


Both me and my daughter have been locked out for since Friday last week.

Hello. I can’t sign in to my account. It says “The information entered doesn’t match our records.” Can you help me? Thank you

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I’m waiting for mine, there’s a problem too.

Hi @Chris1, have you verified your account by the link that you received in the email?
If you can’t find it, you can check the Spam folder.

@LeandroAzevedo, have you also verified your account with the link that you received in the email?

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Yes. I checked.

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