Platform slowness

Do you notice slowness on the platform?
Don’t worry, we have everything under control, for a few hours you will notice that the platform is somewhat slow. Everything will be back to normal in a few hours.


Hi, @AnkitB,
Can you explain this problem in more detail, please?

I am having platform slowness problem for the past two days.

Also,. Can repeat aloud tasks be done on Android mobile phone. Austism, please let me know. Thanks Sheila

Hello. I have just joined and keep seeing the oops no audio available. Is it a fault on the platform?

Hi, @Sheilaferrao,
We have fixed the problem with the platform slowness.
Only Repeat Out Loud tasks can be completed from the computer.

If you are from the UK. Can you complete Repeat Out Loud tasks?

yes I have completed a few of those today as a start! I like them!

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Great! :smiley:, if you have any problems or questions, let me know.


Unavailable audio.Ooooooops…

Unavailable audio.
Getting this error each tim I login for transcription tasks

I noticed just now there were some typos in the text on the screen. So ‘could’ had been typed as ‘coudl’. I knew what it should have been and said the work correctly. Was that correct? The word ‘millions’ was also mis-spelt but I said it correctly. Please advise!

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hi there … yes its slow and always says " take a break " because there is no task available …


Hello, I just joined but cannot do any task. Every time i click on next, log in page appears. I have logged in so many times yet no change.

Hi, we will notify you by mail when we have new tasks available in your region.

Thank you for letting us know, we will review the prompts on screen.

Hi, I’m new here in this type of job but why is it that every time I click complete it would always say “take a break” then go to dashboard?

When this message appears it is because there are no tasks available for you.
We will notify you by email when these tasks become available.

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hello, I did my task from date 5 November but payment has not yet reflected on my platform since I started what might be the problem am worried if I will get paid for my work please help.

Hi, @bree,
Some tasks will be processed for several hours or days, when this process is finished you will see the payment for each task.

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