Please clarify if the amount is 3.16cents or 316dollars

Hello. I’m new here in atexto. Can you tell me what amount is this? I’m a bit confused, if it’s a cents or I’m earning dollars already, because I believe it’s $316dollars and I’m looking forward to request for the withdrawal of the amount today Friday. Can anyone help me. Thank you

Hello @ElleSan :slight_smile:
This is 3 dollars and 16 cents.
You will need to earn a minimum of $10,00 to be able to withdraw.

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Why is there cents? It says in the task it is within $1 to $20 per hour?

It’s between 1-20$ per hour of audio transcribed, and the exact rate depends on your accuracy and the amount of corrections you make to the given text. That is calculated in percentage.

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Okay for the information Maggy.