Pop up messages in other language

I have English selected and for the most part all the content is showing in English, however popups are showing up in Spanish. How do I fix this?

Thank you so much for reporting this to us! We have now fixed it so you can continue to enjoy our platform in english! Sorry for any inconveniences :slightly_smiling_face:

The spanish msgs are back!

Hi, could you please tell us where you saw a spanish message on your english layout, so we can fix it? Thank you!

It was the whole transcription layout but it’s back to english again.
Wasn’t TOO bad because i knew where what went…

But some Popups like “There is no task” or “No say it out loud” or “No say it iy our own words” are most times in spanish.

Good to know! Still if you have any doubts with language settings please check this article out!