Problem: Unavailable audio

Hi, I’m new here and I’d like to know how to do tasks, when I try to transcribe a message saying “Ops, unavailable audio” shows, I’va had this problem for two hours now :frowning:


Hi, same problem here, veterans help please :pensive:

Hi @arath and @runningwolf17,
Question for both of you,
Can you tell me what is your nationality and mother language?

I’m having the same issue. My mother language is Spanish and I am Dominican.

@AustimMunoz Hi, I’m mexican so my mother language is spanish, but when I created my account i couldn’t change the language :frowning:

Why I am getting this?
@Atexto @AustimMunoz Please clear this.

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I’m getting unavailable audio since yesterday. Why is it?

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I’m also facing the same problem since three days.

Can anyone have this problem that I can transcribe and it says “take a break”??

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same problem…i can transcribe since yesterday…

Hi, I have the same problem.

It’s 3rd day @AustimMunoz @Atexto . Is there any issue or Task is unavailable?
Kindly clarify this ASAP!

Yeah, It’s been there again and again. It’s my consecutive 3rd day.

Hola me registre ayer y tengo el mismo problema no puedo realizar ninguna tarea.

Is there anyone reply yet what’s going on with that?

Not yet. I’m waiting too. Let’s see, when this will be fixed?

I’m worried tho… Ummm… Did you withdraw your money already? And how many times did you do it?


Not yet dear!
I am waiting to get my first payment.
By the way, Where are you from?

Me too… I withdraw earlier and it will took 3 to 5 business days to reflect in my paypal… Btw I’m from the Philippines, and you?


Glad you get your first withdraw… I’m from India.