Prompts rejected

I did everything they asked me and all of my prompts (20) are rejected because i didn’t follown the script according to …??

Wich is strange because i did EXACTLY what i was ment to do.

How can i object to this?

Hello @Mrsloonstra

A similar thing happened to me with Repeat out Loud tasks and I copied the details of every single rejection that I disagreed with and sent them to @AustimMunoz , as he had told me this was what I should do.

I am still waiting for the rejected tasks to be reinstated - I am told there was a problem with the platform but this was over two months ago. They owe me quite a lot of money too.

Good luck!

Wow, really bad service. Today they deducted 4 more dollars for reviews on transcription. Im already done right now. I think i won’t work until they at least upped my funds to where they are fair…

I have the exact same problem. I did 3 say it in your own words tasks, and they are all rejected because I “Didn’t follow instructions appropriately.” But I did execute the task as instructed.

It was the first time I worked for Atexto but if this is the way, they treat their workers, it will probably be the last time too.