Repeat after making a mistake in the recording

In the FAQ section of the Help Center about “Repeat out loud” tasks it is mentioned that you can click the repeat button as many times as you need to if you’ve made a mistake when recording. Apparently this is not the case as I was blocked from continuing doing tasks after two failed attempts to read out a pretty nonsensical and very long set of phrases. Should I rather submit an incorrect recording than using some more time to deliver a better result? This seems unreasonable to me, even more so considering that the payment (cost) won’t increase if I am taking more time to correctly record my tasks.

No se que hacer, soy nuevo, me explican que toca hacer?

Hi @sebastian, thanks for reporting it, the rules have changed and now you can only have two attempts.

You can view this updated article:

There’s a technical bug that in some calls automatically skips the first attempt of recording a phrase. It usually happenes at the 7th promt, sometimes at promt 8. This gives you just one try. Also, some of the promts are pretty long and with wrong grammar or filler words like “ähm” which makes it really hard to read them out in a fluent way. I’m sorry to say that all in all these tasks are poorly organised.