Review task time

Generally how much time it takes to review task

Hello, the tasks take a long time to process, but this is being corrected so that the process does not take too long.

I’ve been waiting 9 days for my tasks to be reviewed even though their website says.

" The corrections of your tasks may take 1 to 7 business days. Most of the time it takes us a few hours to do them, other times it takes a few days. But, if this time has passed and you still have not received a correction, you will be credited the full payment for that particular task."

I’m guessing from that I should be expecting full payment.

So far Atexto hasn’t been overly productive in anything they advertise. No tasks available, amounts being paid not adding up to time spent on them or the tasks being reviewed. I’ve also noticed many complaiing about not recieving payments. I really hope it improves soon.

Thanks for your reaction here! I also hope it improves soon.

I stopped with working on the transcription tasks, because I am still waiting for the payments of May 6th and 27. I do not get any reaction at all from them…

Transcription task unavailable.