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Brand new here, and so far I am not happy. There are SO many issues with the English pages that they barely work overall!
I can provide screenshots to a provided email.

  • “Say it in your own words” doesn’t work for USA country. It says “this number is registered to another account”. It is my phone number and I am registered to this account only and am logged in. It will not allow me to change anything about my number to work better.
  • Transcription page - multiple sounds won’t load. Have to back out and reload my information. Also I have to reload my information from scratch, backwards, every time! Year, month, day. Then I find my country mixed in randomly, it is not at the top or in alphabetical order. Then load my gender again…this page does not save any information.
  • Some error messages are only in Spanish and i have to google translate them to understand. While on the English page.

Your page needs lots of work to make it better.


Hello, thank you so much for your feedback! We want to improve every single day and your comments help us do that. If you want to solve the issue of the “number associated to another account” you can follow the instructions stated here.
And for the information you have to reload every time, could you kindly tell me your email registered in Atexto, here? So we can solve the issue. Thank you!


Thank you, seems some of the problems got solved and the page is already working a bit better.

There are still many issues I am seeing, and hope it helps you improve the page quickly:

  1. There are sometimes non-English tasks in the English area. I recommend a flag we can check to say 'non-english" for obviously spanish or other language tasks.

  2. Many tasks are missing sounds. I get the Ooooooops there is no sound error around 50% of the time. If there is no sound, the “leave task” button also disappears, forcing me to take another task before I can back out and go to the main screen.

  3. On the far left of the Task screen is a clickable link called “Transcription Guide”. It leads to a dead page of the Help Center. It looks like the link needs updating.

  4. Sometimes, on the Main Screen, when I click the Transcribe blue button “complete tasks” it hangs (spins). When I reload the page, it comes up though!

I am hoping these issues can count toward rewards when rewards for tech issues are implemented :slight_smile:


I don’t find anything seens months

Good to know your experience with our site has improved! As for a few of the issues you mention we are working on solving them. However, we do have a tag you can use for when you receive a task in another language. The tag is [NOT-ENGLISH] and you can put it by pressing the F6 key on your keyboard. Also we have updated our link of the transcription guide. Also, if at some point it is not working for some reason, you can press the botton of help center which is next to your Name in the dashboard of the workhub!

Hello. This is my second day doing tasks and I want to do “say it in your own words” and “repeat out loud” but when I click the button, I get a blank screen. What do I do?

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One question, it says I needed 5 dollars to cashout money. And then it said I needed 10 dollars to cashout money. It is my first withdrawal, I’m gonna wait until friday to do it because it says until Friday. Do I still need to get 10$? I read on the website the first time is $5.

The first time you make a withdrawal you can cash out 5 dollars. But you can only do it on friday. So if you try to do it another day of the week, our system by default will say you need to reach our 10 dollar wiithdrawal minimun. But, again, if you try to withdrawal 5 dollars for the first time on a friday you won’t have any issues! Hope this was helpful!


Hi @Victoria, what’s the best practice for audio transcription when there is no audio in the file? There are two types: files which are typically under 3 seconds and do not have static or other background noises. I have also encountered one clip with static background noise, but the task would not complete with only a noise tag.
For now I am leaving the file to find a new one, however that contributes to my 10 max leave tasks, which is obviously not sustainable. I did not find an English answer so far in the provided resources. Thank you!


Hi! In the cases you are mentioning you should always put the [INAUDIBLE] tag. To do so, you just need to press the F4 key on your keyboard. Also, remember that even if you are just sending a task with a tag you should always put a timestamp first. If you want more thorough examples for when no one talks in the audio file you can check it out here. I hope this was helpful!


I’m new and also not very pleased at all.

I keep getting emails to do a “Say it in your own words” tasks, but when I log in, I can’t get past the demo. I have watched the demo, nothing happens afterward. I have tried clicking “Skip the demo” and it logs me out.


Hi! Could you please tell me your email registered in Atexto here? And also which language have you chosen to complete tasks in? Thank you!

My email is and I am trying to complete tasks in English

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So far, I have completed 42 tasks and earnt only 0.09$! Can this be correct? I have an accuracy rate of 96%. I complete the task I’m given (on average only 4 seconds long) and then it shows that my participation in the task is in the low percentages. Many of the tasks (usually the longer ones) are in Spanish. Also, a small point, but important to me, is that my name is Maria. Why does it translate this to ‘Mary’ when I go to the English page?


Hello how does someone get the welcome bonus, I have completed the transcription tasks, its confusing because it states it would be issued on Thursday and there is nothing in my account as of yet.


Bonjour, concernant les tâches non anglaise, dans la Zone anglaise, avez-vous pensé que ce soit le traducteur du navigateur que vous utilisez, qui traduit les pages anglaise en français ou tout autre langue sans que vous y fassiez attention ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bonjour, avez-vous regardé de nouveau? Il se peu sûrement que vous ayez regardé un peu trop tôt. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bonjour, insérez-vous, bien les ponctuations (virgules, point, exclamation etc… ?) Lors des corrections de transcription ? Il faut en faire le plus possible également corriger les fautes d’orthographes, de grammaires…
Et pour le fait, que votre prenom soit différent, peut-être que votre navigateur effectue une traduction sur la page, qui changerait donc votre prénom ?

Yes, thank you. As you will see in my post I am getting 100% accuracy. My problem was the fact that after 42 tasks I had only earnt 9 cents!