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J’ai fait de la transcription au moins un trentaine avant de me rendre compte que mon compteur affichait toujours le même nombre ce qui veut dire que j’ai fait tout ce travail pour rien. Pouvez-vous faire quelque chose?

Estou amando a tarefa de transcrição de texto e sinto-me empolgada a cada nova tarefa. A medida que aprendo sobre esse trabalho,mais me sinto desafiada a prosseguir.


I have noticed for some time now, that nobody from Atexto cares to follow up or even to respond to some of the issues brought to their attention by the members of this community. I reffer to topics that concern me, personaly, very much, like reported tasks, wrongly corrected tasks, unpaid tasks from february and so on. Please, be so kind and see to it.


Beware people. I completed tasks for a very small return, and then my account was suspended/deleted, and I don’t know why, despite requesting a response numerous times. It makes me think that they take your work but don’t want to pay you.


You have no chance, they are very unresponsive.

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You must be using a different site to me.

@Tim-Lovegrove Can you give me your email address registered in Atexto to better see what’s going on with your account?

Hi, I am unable to pick tasks… even though tasks are reflecting in the account…

Bom dia, @AustimMunoz.
Continuo no aguardo.

It’s the one you sent this email to!

I registered successfully and I see three options.
Not even one of them works.
I was given no task even though I am trying three kinds of tasks.
The third one gives the error that someone has taken that task.
The other two don’t even work.

Me gustan las tareas de transcripción. Lástima que en español hay pocas… Desde que comencé, en esta plataforma el año pasado, ha funcionado todo bien. Me han respondido, mis inquietudes y/o dudas , rapidamente. Y, con el pago, excelente. Una vez que llegué, a los diez dólares, pude retirarlos sin ningún problema. Estoy muy contenta de, poder estar en, este sitio. Realmente, me encanta!!! :ok_hand:

For now, i’m skeptical. I’ve done about 30 tasks that show’s 0$. I also realised that the transcription task is paying 1$ per hour of transcript (up to 20$). 1$/hour ? Guys that’s pure slavery.


Heelo, I can’t access my account. It keep saying the information entered does not match in our record. And even though I already click the forgot password and change my password, still can’t access my account. Please resolve this, I wanna do some work. Thank you.

Not yet. How does one get tasks?

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I haven’t had the chance yet. Every time I click into the transcription tasks it says “oops audio not available”. And when I click in the voice recognitition ones, it says that there are no tasks and to go do transcripts. Is there no work available? How do I know when I have something to do?
My first language is Spanish but I can’t see the option to select it, is it full?
Thank you!

When ever I transcribe it’s mostly unavailable audio I can only transcribe 15% of the time given. Hopefully they fix it because I really enjoy it.

HI! I finished a little over 300 tasks since I joined early this month, and my earnings haven’t gotten to at least 1 dollar, my accuracy rate is at 92 percent. I’m not sure though how to get that $2 welcome bonus as well or the weekend bonus/ perks. I enjoy transcribing here but I’m not sure if I’m getting my fair share of getting tasks done. :thinking:
– just my thoughts :smiley:

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Sharing my feedback link. I hope Atexto will create a more structured way of reporting flagged corrections :slight_smile:

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I have completed my tasks. It was a great experience while transcribing.