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I tried say it out loud but there’s a pop up saying " Thanks for your interest! There’ll be more “Repeat out loud” tasks to start earning money. Click on “exit” and search for the “I’d like to transcribe” section for transcription tasks. what does this mean?

Quando clico para fazer as tarefas o áudio dá uma espécie de erro e vou para o próximo, em seguida diz que não tem mais atividades, assim diz para que eu volte depois, as outras duas atividades só fica em tela branca e só, alguém me ajuda.

Olá @pedroojoo, ainda não há tarefas designadas em português, nós o informaremos pelo correio e pela comunidade quando elas forem habilitadas.

Perform transcription tasks, then recheck other tasks if available.

Hi there, I am having a problem too, with the corrections. Some of mine I totally agree with and I need to improve, which I’m trying to do, however, I was shocked to see someone had corrected a proper noun and put the first letter in lower case. Names of people always start with an uppercase letter. Also today I clearly heard some say “Hey bro” and it was corrected to something completely different. And I am now wondering if by mistake, a correction or submission that I didn’t even transcribe ended up in my pile. I l know I pulled out of one because I just couldn’t understand, but that’s a bug in the system and I shouldn’t be dinged for it. Hey it might be mine! But I don’t recognize it. How do I know if its their mistake and I can’t discuss it with them. I don’t recognize it I got 44% because I supposedly wrote it wrong. I 'm not that deaf! I have a hard time trusting what’s going on. How can you correct a name wrong and put it in lower case? Who does that! So far not impressed. Very poor wages and total confusion. From now on, I will keep an eye on my stuff. I’m new on here and have flagged a few things. If this continues…I’m out of here. It’s just not worth the pittance.

So, did you ever check my account? Or was my response ignored like my requests for information about why my account has been deleted?

Lowest wages I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE!

T. Holman

Hi @Tim-Lovegrove,
Your account should have been reviewed at the time of sending the email for accounts that need review, yes, I remember you told me that you already sent it.
I will have to review your case further, I am not in charge of unblocking the accounts, but I can help you to analyze that case and help you find a solution.

HI @percyboots,
When you mark those tasks that have been corrected wrongly, they are reviewed and if it is found that the correction is in your favor, the corresponding payment is made.

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No, since I signed up, I never have transcription tasks, no matter what language.

Thanks for the removing the “No audio available” error! It makes transcribing smoother and faster. Also, thank you for hearing us out on the speaker labelling corrections. I see that there’s already a reminder everytime you start a task! I hope to see more improvements in Atexto! Great job, guys!

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Atexto keeps on improving and there were longer audios to transcribe. Although there are still lots of things to fix, it is great to see that Atexto is doing something. First with the tasks’ availability on transcription and I hope soon on payments and corrections too. We’ll keep on working hard. Thank you.


I have completed tasks in Atexto, but now there are no more tasks in the dashboard.

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The corrections for English transcriptions are getting worse. Almost all of the corrections do not make sense at all. Please do check the persons behind the rechecking. They are not doing their job well. Other than that, Atexto indeed keeps on improving. Well done.


Yes, I agree with you, same thing happened to me too.


Is this happening everywhere? There are no tasks available in the dashboard since yesterday.

@Marites Yes, it does from time to time. Last May, it was almost a month or it was one month that there were no items to transcribe.

Oh okay…Thanks for the info.

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