Should I submit my transcript with "SPKR " or "SPKR Zero"?

Recently we noticed some transcription English tasks contained “SPKR#” at the beginning. You mustn’t submit tasks with it; when you find it, remove it and transcribe what you heard.



Hi. When i deleted the SPKR#, it was corrected and put back in. Can you double check on this? I can give you proof if you need it.


These are just few of the INCORRECT transcription corrections on my account SINCE MAY 27TH

I think i’ll just wait a day to see what happens. Because, we are taking this out and it’s being corrected by whoever it is. It’s really getting annoying. Can you please, get this corrected as soon as you can? Just looking at the forum, people are arguing what to do. So, i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s confused and pissed about this.


How about your people who correct our tasks wrong and even put back SPKR# when it’s already deleted, you should check on them. They’re not doing their job well.


Can you just provide a correct transcriction for this.

In one of my file I removed this and editor placed it back and my accuracy fall to 50% as it was one word there which I typed correct.

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People please, there are no editors! There are only other collaborators like you and me.
The Transcription Guide is crystal clear!
Only use the time tag! Nothing else! Not even :
Nothing else!!!
Please read the Guide.

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Someone is adding them again.


why are they adding speaker labels again? to gain more money from it?

It is clearly stated in the TRANSCRIPTION GUIDE that general projects DO NOT REQUIRE SPEAKER LABELING. And if there are multiple speakers, to transcribe what each person is saying ON SEPARATE LINES, and it’s what I’ve been following yet the REVIEWERS kept marking me down with these tasks and they added it themselves even just now with SPEAKER LABELS. Are the REVIEWERS here at all aware of the guidelines coz it’s not fair on us to be

marked down for this and it’s affecting our PAY RATE which is already LOW AS IT IS.


This is such old news but why until now the reviewer still adds speaker in front. It is already getting frustrating. It deducts from the already low rate that you give. I hope you can resolve this. Thank you.

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