Silent tasks error message showing

Hi, I thought if you got a sound clip which was silent, acccording to the guide, you should report as [00:00:00] [00:00:00 INAUDIBLE] but I’ve had mine marked down and corrected to:

[00:00:00] No audio.

Which is correct?


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Hi! You should always use the INAUDIBLE tag in these cases! Please report this task and if you could please tell me the code of the task too, it would be really helpful (It appear as Audio transcription task (Cod. 123456789 seconds).

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Thank you for your response

The ones I have been marked down on for this format (or similar) are quite a few:

If these are corrected, will my accuracy rate go up? Thanks for your help

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43948933, 15 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43938918, 9 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43938129, 11 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43936856, 7 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43938781, 7 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43938382, 16 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43938312, 9 seconds)

Audio transcription task (Cod. 43937111, 8 seconds)

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Victoria my account has now been blocked :frowning: sorry to send so many messages about this but I’ve really been trying to do my best with this, report things accordingly, follow the guide, and now I seem to have lost everything

¡Hi @Livtennant1! I’m really this has happened. If you want more information about blocked accounts please access here!

I have checked this link but still can’t work out why I was blocked, if I did something wrong it was a genuine error without intention. I tried to read the guide and follow it closely (hence reporting above). I now feel like I’ve had a really poor experience, being corrected for things that were not incorrect, and now blocked with no warning and losing money for many hours of work to complete 500 transcriptions. Is there any thing you can do to help me re-gain access? If I did something wrong, I will learn from it. I had recommended to my family and friends but if I can’t recover from this experience and regain access, I will make sure they don’t use in case they have the same experience as me.

In the article we have a link to access to a form so you can explain your issue and make a petition for us to review why your account was blocked.

Thank you very much, I have submitted a petition. Hope I get access again soon.

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I have the same problem regarding silent tasks.
Here are some of them: 44060260, 44066007, 44065847, 44065331, 44065084.
I also encountered the situation in which I cannot report the wrong correction, for example task 44065907. Please look into this because it’s incredibly frustrating that I have to keep going back and report the wrong corrections over and over again.
Thank you

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Thank you for reporting it!


I am very upset! Look at these : 44150327, 44150333, 44150343, 44150350, 44150357, 44150362, 44150005 - and this last one is without the posibility to report the bad correction. These are only the last ones… there are tons of bad corrections. I don’t have the time to report them here by number. Is there nobody responsable with cheking out the bad corrections? By the way, what happened with the last ones I reported? I am looking at my global accuracy and it’s now 93%. I am so annoyed I can hardly find my words to express it!!!
And some of the other corrections, not involving silent tasks, are so outrageously wrong …
Please find time to check the reports. Thank you.

Hi, i’m sorry you feel that way! All the corrections are done by other collaborators! So if you receive a wrong correction it is really important that you report it! Remember that the flag to report the taks only appears the first time the correction is opened, it won’t appear later, so be sure to report it that first time!

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