Single utterances rejected repeatedly

Hi there,

I wish to raise a concern about my money since doing some work at the end of October. I did some speaking out loud tasks and received the money fine. Since then my money has gone over 60 dollars in the red, which is around half of my original earnings. As far as I’m aware, the work was reviewed before my payment and of a decent standard.

Upon looking into my tasks, it seems that I have had single tasks rejected numerous times over and over again. So I was wondering what has happened here and could this be the cause of such a large decrease in funds?

Please see the following task for example;

Task “Repeat out loud”
(Cod. ca34d4c5-2e97-460d-a23f-54a090104f07)

A single utterance has been rejected 10 times and I’ve been given a zero payment for the whole task. Also I can’t hear any issue with the file. There are dozens more results like this.

I would really like to continue working with Atexto.

If someone could look into this it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Lucy
I was just coming here to say the same thing about the same word/phrase being deducted multiple times. I also cannot hear anything wrong with most of the recordings. I get it if they think we didn’t leave enough time (3 seconds) before and after speaking but there is absolutely no reason why the same word or phrase is deducted multiple times. Thankfully, I have not lost as much of my earnings as you have, but completely agree this needs to be sorted out.

Kind regards



Hey there,
Just want to say that this has happened to me too! The same utterance has been rejected multiple times giving me anything from 30cents to the entire dollar taken off almost every task. Austim is looking into this and said it should be fixed this week, so hopefully yours will be fixed too.


Hi, I’m glad to hear that someone’s looking into it. Thanks for getting in touch. Hopefully this can be rectified soon :+1:

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This has also happened to me! I have queried 63 of my tasks, some of which sound as though there is nothing wrong. If you itemise all the tasks you think have been rejected wrongly, they will review them again.

Lets hope we all get a satisfactory outcome soon!

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Hello all, there have been tasks incorrectly rejected and this is already being checked.

@Lucyblue79 I see that it is as you say, your balance is negative, it is likely because you have withdrawn money from your account and then several tasks have been rejected resulting in a negative balance.

We are working to approve the tasks that were incorrectly rejected and get your balance back to normal.


i never get a repeat out loud yet.

Hi, @Mek,
Repeat Out Loud tasks may not be available in your region.

Ok I have $1,44 in payment when I click withdrawal it kept loading and say I most have minimum of ten to withdrawal and keep loading

not allowing me

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You need to have a minimum of $10 before you can withdraw your earnings. You cannot withdraw less than $10.

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ah bowy :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

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I have now had more money deducted for rejected reviews and again most of them have been duplicated. Any idea when this is likely to be rectified?


Me too! I have written again just now asking the same question!


Hello everyone,
the tasks are still being reviewed, this has happened to many collaborators, so the process to approve the tasks has taken longer than expected.


What’s the reason why Atexto pays for all tasks and then removes money for rejected work, rather than just paying for approved work like other companies do?


The error occurred when the approved tasks were rejected incorrectly and the system reduced the balance, we are already working so that this does not happen again, the tasks are being approved progressively, and while this is being done it is also being added to the balance.


Currently I’m unable to do any work and get paid fairly for it as my account is still in negative. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks now. How is the review process coming along? What percentage of tasks have been refunded so far?


Hi @Lucyblue79

I am in the same position and so far have had 2 out of over 60 tasks reviewed!!
So it is very frustrating and totally unfair I think.



I’ve had nothing credited back to me yet for these either.

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