Still, there are no tasks?

Why cant I do any tasks? Really, there are a lot of topics complaining about the same thing. The tasks appear in my lobby but I just can do them. I just joined the site and its so frustrating.


Hi! There are currently no tasks in portuguese yet! But don’t worry soon we’ll have loads of tasks for you! We will let you know through our community and via email!

Hello, good afthernoon.

I would like to know when more task will be available in english and in portuguese.


¡Hi @gabrieljeffersontell! We do currently have tasks in English, but not yet in Portuguese. However, you can only do tasks in one language so if you have already selected Potuguese you’ll have to wait a few more days before you have tasks available!

In this exactly moment I saw the English tasks and still have nothing. I’m confuse about this.

As I mentioned before we do have English tasks but not Portuguese tasks yet. As your account is set up in Portuguese you can’t access tasks yet. But don’t worry, we will let you know through the community and via email once we do have tasks in Portuguese for you!

And how can I change the setup to English?

Hi @gabrieljeffersontell! In Atexto we only allow one language to be selected, so once you have chosen the language to complete tasks in, when you register, you can’t change it. If you want more information, you can find it here.

Hola victoria! Hace 3 días atexto me pidió actualizar mis datos y así lo hice pero ahora no hay tareas en inglés. El panel de workhub siempre se queda cargando y no carga ninguna tarea. Tiene que ver esto con la actualización o es que no hay tareas en inglés disponibles?

Hola @B_3, al parecer has actualizado al idioma español, por lo que tus tareas ahora son en español, únete a la comunidad en español para estar al día. :grin:

Hola Austim. ¿Cómo puedo hacer para cambiarme al inglés?

Hola @B_3, lamentablemente el idioma de las tareas no se puede cambiar una vez que lo seleccionó por primera vez después de su registro en Atexto.

Hola. No entiendo. Desde siempre he trabajado en el idioma inglés pero ahora no hay tareas y no se si sigo en ese idioma o me cambiaron al español pero tampoco hay tareas en el idioma español. No entiendo. ¿Me ayudas? Gracias!

@B_3 tu idioma seleccionado actualmente es: Español (o castellano).

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when will tasks be available ?

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@jaysu, there are no assignments available for now, we will let you know when we have more, stay tuned!

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@austim , Iam getting tasks in Spanish. I am an English worker. Please help.
Thank you

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You show me a screenshot, because I have checked and you have selected English as your native language, you should not have tasks in Spanish.

Thank you for your prompt reply.Since now my tasks show "Take a break " will send you screenshot as soon as I receive further tasks.
Thank you

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Hola Austin. ¿Cómo te va? Han sido cuatro semanas sin tareas, hermano. ¿Sabrás cuando habrá más tareas? Gracias!