Take a break! what is it?

For the last 3 days, unable to take the task as it displays a message below attached. If anyone having this issue, Let’s share and discuss it! kindly resolve this issue or give us a valid reason for having this issue @Atexto @AustimMunoz :pray:
Thanks in advance!


Same issue for me too. :upside_down_face:

Same, three days already

Hi @Raggy09 , @Shax26 , @jaysu it means currently there’s no tasks. We have to wait until there’s tasks again.

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Facing same issue for the past 3 days.
Kindly @AustimMunoz @Atexto look into it please.

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Same issue. Hope Atexto will fix this problem.

@gladys Okay thank you!

No error, no tasks are available, we will notify you through the community and by mail when tasks are available. :smiley:

I’ve figured tasks might eventually come if you press F5 frequently enough. I had this working after 3-5 tries multiple times for one or two tasks, but it’s probably not worth the time. Might as well wait as AustimMunoz said. Maybe it helps.

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