Task completed is gone

My completed task was gone. My task completed is 70+ but no reviews done yet and also its gone in the list. But my new 4 task completed was the only reviewed. So where’s my old task that I completed already? Help me please.

Hi, @Adison,
Do you remember the date you completed that task?

Yes its octorber 30. I finish the 4 task at Octorber 31 and that is the only credited task not my task in october 30.

Mine just disappear too, I completed it yesterday.

The tasks take several hours to process, when the review process is finished, you will be able to see the payment reflected in each task in the “My Tasks” section, and you will be able to see the total earnings in the “My Money” section.

What I mean is I finish my 75 task but no payment. Then the 75 task gone in the history. Then I tried 4 task. And that 4 task is the only paid and the only reflected in the history. So wheres the review history of my 75 task? it was gone.

We will review your account to find the problem.

Sir Austim why is it there is still no available task for me?

HI, @tita_bang0603,
Transcription tasks are coming in at certain hours of the day.
Repeat aloud tasks are not available in your region.