Tasks not showing up in "My tasks"

Hi team, I’ve noticed the tasks I did stopped getting added into “My tasks”. Earlier it was fine. Balance remains the same as well even though I kept on doing more tasks.
Is this perhaps because of the star collaborator thing? Bec. I signed up for it.
Can anyone kindly look into this? Thanks!


Seems to be okay now. Tasks are slowly coming in after an hour. Will just report again if there’s anymore problems. Thanks

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Bonjour @Nikk.Ranoco, je viens de constater le même problème pour moi !
J’ai déjà livré une dizaine de tâches, je ne les vois pas et elles ne sont pas comptabilisées.
Tu dis que ça a été résolu pour toi ?

Hello @Sabine , In my case, after an hour I can see that the tasks I did are slowly coming in.

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Merci @Nikk.Ranoco, je vais arrêter de transcrire et vérifier d’ici une heure :wink: J’espère que ce n’est pas un bug !

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Not to worry, we are already reviewing this issue.
@Nikk.Ranoco How many tasks did you perform that were then shown to you in one hour?

The tasks were showing up one by one. Didn’t really count how many, but two hours ago I did 100 tasks and only about 30-40 have showed up so far.

Thanks for this information @Nikk.Ranoco
If you have problems and the other tasks do not appear, let me know.

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hi there . i just want to ask why theeres no Task available???

Hi, @Riri_Blaire,
Tasks are enabled by language and by region, we will let you know when tasks are enabled for your region, stay tuned for our emails.

Thank You For Your Response. .
I hope there is more surveys In my location :relaxed: Thank You.

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I just want to ask why I can’t view all the submitted tasks that I’ve done from November 1-present under " My Tasks" page?

Hi, The tasks need to be processed, when this step is completed you will be able to see the payment for your task, and the corrections you received.

It’s already 6 days when I started to do some tasks but until now I don’t receive payment and corrections. Please answer me what should I do?

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