🔄 Tasks payment recalculation started

We are running a recalculation for English transcription submitted between June 03 and June 08.
If your tasks were correct, you’d find an increment in your balance.

Most active collaborators those days also could receive an extra money increment in the next 24 hours.

Almost all issues are solved now; continue transcribing to earn more money and bonuses.

If you have any problems/issues, please let us know.


Okay thank you.

I will check again after 24 hours. I still see 0-0 earnings & contributions today after logging in.

moi je vois que je suis toujours à - 2,01 dollars car d’autres taches on été corrigé sinon j’étais à - 2,51 dollars alors que de basse j’étais à plus de 11 dollars.
Donc si je retrouve pas les 11 dollars je resterais pas sur le site atexto.

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I am having trouble signing on to work. My email us mariehugcraven@yahoo.com

My dashboard is still blank, I would like you to resolve. Thanks.

I don’t see any changes in my money in relation to corrected tasks. @Franklin.

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Mine is already recalculated. However, the tasks I did yesterday were not displayed in my Delivered Tasks tab. @Franklin or whoever this concerns. Already reported about this yesterday with screenshot.

Thank you.