Terms frequently used in transcriptions tasks

This is the correct way to transcribe these words:

  • Hey Jeep
  • Hey Fiat
  • Hey Alfa Romeo
  • Hey Alfa

This is what i knew to be all along so my next question would need to be… Does this mean that if our corrections shows that we are marked incorrect but were and we select the thumbs down , is that an oh well, or do we get counted for that , couse have seen a lot of corrections I have made following the above rules and then my transcriptions were counted incorrected example is alfa was told to me by the correction team that alfa was to be alpha? so now I’m curious about how tracking and corrections and recommendations and such are done


I am glad that this has been put out here tho


Hi @djdabomb2008,

When you select :-1: it means that you disagree with your correction, the Atexto team is in charge of reviewing that task to validate that you are correct. Once this is validated, the quality percentage for this task will increase, giving you a higher profit. But if your transcript is found to be incorrect, depending on the mistakes you have made, your quality percentage will go down, and the payment for this task will be less.

When you select :+1: it means that you agree with the correction made to you, no additional changes or verification will be made.

Note that corrections The text marked in red and The text marked in green are always displayed, even if your task has been verified as correct after you have disagreed with the correction. But you will see an increase in your balance if your transcription is correct, and you will see your balance and quality percentage decrease when some of your tasks are incorrect.

If you have a quality lower than 91% the task will not be paid, because high accuracy percentages are needed to improve speech recognition systems.


Do we have a time limit to respond or agree or disagree with a correction or decision and what happens if we do nothing when corrected? just so I know all the possibilities

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I just got in here. Reading really help. Thank you.

I think my transcription correct

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If you do not make corrections to your tasks, you may not see an increase in your task payments.
There is no time limit, but it is best to take the time to review your transcripts on a frequent basis.

There are so many cutted recordings. Tag is F4 inaudible, correct?

Transcription guides

You can also see on this link.https://support.atexto.com/article/english-what-should-i-transcribe-when-no-ones-talking

Yes, it’s the correct way

im new here can i ask i i noticed that have new task

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