Unable to change phone number, says this number is already taken

I am unable to use my phone number for repeat out loud tasks. I get a call failed message and when I try to rectify , I am told that this number is already taken.

Hi, @roxy,
I recommend using Google Chrome browser and clear your browser’s cache.

I am using chrome and have cleared my cache but still getting same message.

Are you using your computer and cell phone to complete these tasks?
It is necessary to have both devices, on the computer you will see a prompt that you will have to repeat, and you will have to record it with your phone.

Yes, I am. I just can’t change my phone number on my profile. I am trying to use the same nuber as it is not invalid and is the only one I have.

It is not necessary to change your number, what happens is that the tasks are no more available, we will notify you when there are new ones for you, by mail and through the community.

This happened when tasks were available, I just kept getting call failed.

I like to transcribe page not working, says unavailable.

Hi, @roxy,
We could not find an error with your account related to your phone number.

I like to transcribe tasks are not available at the moment, we will notify you by email when they are available.

I have not been paid, I withdrew last Friday and nothing has gone into my paypal account.

Hi, @roxy,
Payments have already been made, can you confirm that you received your money?

Yes I did. Thank you

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