What are we working on?

I like the format of this “Atexto” thing, but want to know what this is all for. What are we clarifying? What will our work be used for?

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Hi @Raeactor,

Atexto is a platform of people who work remotely by transcribing audio recordings online. Their main interest is to bring a financial contribution to their home while learning the profession of transcriber.

Artificial intelligence companies and scientists around the world require audio transcription or voice collection to train their speech-to-text systems. Then we convert the business needs into short tasks for you.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

You can learn more about Atexto here:

I know all that, I just would like to know more about what’s being done with all of this. I guess the nature of the clients? Are they insurance companies? Are they collections agencies? Are they Universities? Are they big pharmaceutical companies? I like to know what effect my work is having on the world. What am I contributing to?

Hello, can I ask a question since I am just starting out in ATEXTO. What does [sta:00:00:02] means and when do I use it to transcribe? Thanks

The clients are looking to improve their voice recognition systems, these clients hire Atexto, and the work you do helps to improve these artificial intelligences. As a result, Chatbots have been improved, systems that focus on customer service and customer support, AIs are pushed to make more human-like responses and can respond to any situation, AIs are trained to detect a person’s feelings.

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Thank you that really help me.

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