What happens to my money if I want to delete my Atexto account?

We’re really sad that you want to leave our community :sob:. But before this happens, please consider various factors regarding the money you have earned with us.

  1. If you cancel your account, all the money in it cannot be withdrawn in the future.

  2. If you make a withdrawal and before receiving the money you cancel your account, that amount will not be credited to your Paypal account.

If you want more information on this topic, check out our article!

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I have completed 150 tasks, with an overall rate of 93% accuracy. I’ve earnt a grand total of 5.22$. I now find that I’m unable to withdraw money until I’ve earnt 10$! As I’m not prepared to spend hours doing another 150 tasks to get to the 10$ mark and wish to cancel my account with you how do you suggest I get the money you owe me?

Hi @Raivann! The minimal amount of withdrawal is 10 USD. If you have not reached said amount you will be unable to make the withdrawal.

So, basically - you’re telling me that if I don’t do another 150 tasks (approximately) for you, to raise my earnings to 10$, you won’t pay me the money I’ve earnt so far? Does that seem legal to you? To me, it sounds like a good way (from your point of view) to get a load of tasks done by a lot of people without having to pay them, as I’m sure there are many like me who thought this sounded like a good opportunity only to decide later that to have to spend hours passing through empty files for the occasional one with an actual voice simply wasn’t worth my time. The average transcription is about 5 seconds, as you know, and so it takes many tasks to earn a dollar especially, as now, questions have to be answered after each one.

Hi! I’m really sorry you see it that way. However, this information (about the amount necessary to make a withdrawal), is available to you before you create your Atexto account.

Actually, when I started, in December 2020 I was under the impression that one could withdraw 5$ on a Friday. Looking through the posts on here I see that I’m not the only one to have believed this.

Olá, bom dia, eu completei os 10 $ dólares e coloquei minha conta do paypal e hoje voltei no site e apareceu conta excluída por que ?não fui eu que excluir minha conta ,por que foi excluída? e o dinheiro que eu fiz a solicitação para saque vai ser depositado? Tem como recuperar a conta?