What Time Zone is Atexto, and what hours of Friday can you retrieve your money?

Hi. I’ve looked for that information but all I got was that “Atexto was working on Mexican hours” whatever that means.

I’d like to know WHEN exactly does Atexto allow you to retrieve your money, like for example “00:01 CDT to 23:59 CDT”


Hi @Canvaverbalist,
If you are from Europe (France, Spain…) you can receive your payment in the afternoon hours, at 3pm - 7 pm, on Friday or Thursday.
If you are from the American continent, you will receive your money in the morning between 5am - 9am, also on Thursday or Friday.

Today the payment was made at 7am Mexico time.

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It would be nice to have some money reinstated as has been promised now for several days. I think I need to have a conversation with Franklin about what exactly is going on.

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It’s already Friday, may I ask what time here in the Philippines can we withdraw?

same here, today is Friday and still can’t withdraw.

At what time Indians can withdraw money on friday

like yesterday, I kept on checking which time can we click it. You can start to withdraw at 10pm Thursday US time and 2pm Friday Philippine Time, which is Friday 12am in Mexico. Please try this timing next week.

I thought 7am is the withdrawal mexico timezone, thats why I waited until 8pm HAHA

now is the time to withdraw. key in your paypal account