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It was all good for it is a very easy task but I don’t know if I was credited when I did the tasks. I tried to look in the task legacy and my tasks. I can’t seem to find where can I look for my earnings for this What’s it about task, all I can see in my tasks are the things I completed in I like to transcribe.

I’ve done a lot of these What’s it about tasks, it’s quite easy to complete them. The thing is the information about the amount of tasks completed it’s not shown in the main page, there’s some information related to the earnings related to these tasks though. As one of the support staff told me they are still updating this new feature and the number of tasks completed, and all the information that’s lacking so far will be added in a couple of days which is great. I’d like to let you guys know that the process of reviewing tasks is taking longer, I don’t know if it’s usually like this. Another thing is about the reward, which seems to be way to low, which raises a question does it really worth it? I hope they increase the reward system, so more people will be encouraged to do this task. I’ve been enjoying this task, is really easy to understand, easy to complete, the instructions are very clear, so regarding the task itself no complaints, the reawarding system it’s something you guys need to work on though.

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A tarefa é fácil, mas fiquei 1h executando essa tarefa, e diz que fiz 00:00 e ganhei apenas 0,02 :frowning:

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I like the What’s it about task. It is easy to use. I hope that this new feature will be updated soon and we can see our earnings. I hope this will be available in task legacy so we can check if we did wrong. As a transcriber we also need to get feedbacks so we can improve our performance.


It’s quite easy to finish. The only problem is my earnings. Where are they? Can’t see them on my task list.


Hello What’s it about tasks may take a period of time to show up in “My Task” you can check again.

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@Denis1987 ,
Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.

I did the task. Unfortunately, I have no idea how it credited an amount to my account. So I do transcription instead.

Hello, these tasks may take some time to be processed.

If this has been credited, where can we see it in our earnings section?

So far, it’s very good but the rate per audio is too low compare to I like to transcribe but overall I like how Atexto live up to it’s promise. It’s 100% legit paying website and hopefully it will not run out out audio to be transcribe… Very helpful to those students, like me to have extra money earned. Very greatful to be part and working with Atexto.

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It seems it’s updating. I hope earnings will be credited soon.


My submitted tasks in “What’s it about” were not corrected.

Hi @jellyann_ong, In the “My tasks” section you can see the earnings you made on this task, you will also see these earnings added to your balance in the “My money” section.

Hi @Carly,
Can you check again?

I did the what’s it about task. don’t know how many I did but did not get paid for any of them. I’m getting frustated with this site cause it ads say make money but when I do tasks it does not register. So what is the problem? I’m not the only one having problems.

I appreciate it. Thank you for your reply.

The pay per task in “What’s it about?” is $0.005.
Normally you could do four or five tasks every minute.
You can earn $1.5 per hour, if you are more agile you could earn more than that.

If you still do not see the money in your balance, don’t worry, the task has not yet been processed. It may take some time for this result to be shown.

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So, just to clarify things if I complete 200 hundred tasks and get them right I’ll make 1 dollar for 200 hundred tasks completed is that right? I did the math and that’s the result I got. And in order to make 10 dollars or something a day I’d have to work 6 to 7 hours, is that right? Thanks in advance, and keep it up guys!!!