Why can't I complete tasks?

If you are not getting tasks, it is possible that it is one of these reasons.

  • Tasks are not available: We will announce you by mail and through the community when the tasks are enabled, if you get the message " Please come back later", “Take a break”, “Thank you for your interest…”, it means that the tasks have not been enabled.

  • Tasks have not been enabled in your region or language: Each new project can be enabled only for a specific region. It is possible that they are not available in your language or region, and you will have to wait for an announcement.

  • Not all task categories are available at the same time, this means that you will only be able to complete tasks that are active, you will know if they are active if the button is shown as “COMPLETE TASKS”.
    (Except What’s it about? tasks, which will continue to display this button even if there is no task of this type.).

The task categories are:

    • I like to transcribe
    • Repeat out loud
    • Say it in your own words
    • What’s it about?

We will announce you when a category is available for you, you should keep an eye on our emails and community postings.


I just started two days ago and start my task for a couple of minutes and i don’t know what just happen when i try to submitted and exit and when i get back to start task again. It appears “JUST TAKE A BREAK”. I just want to ask that what should i do? or ask for a request to have a task?


You may not have tasks for the region where you live, but more tasks will be available in more regions in the coming days.


for the last few days I finished my tasks but today there is available tasks for “I want to transcribe”

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Hi, @lynnquinn,
You will be notified by email and through the community when more tasks are available for you.


Why didn’t get task?

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Hi, @Sayed570,
You have transcription tasks available.


Hi Munoz

I did transcrption and I was blocked for 1 day. I did two.

Thank you

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You can read the following article.
Restrictions on transcription tasks.

You are restricted every time you complete a task incorrectly, if you have doubts about how to transcribe, let me know.


Thanks for sharing it.

Yes send updated link

I just join it and there is no tasks available

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Is it for me alone or I don’t know, each time when I loggin to work there is no task to work.

No task in “I’d like transcribe”
No task in “Repeat out loud”
No task in “What’s about task”
No task in "Say it in your own "

How to complete the task if there’s no task available to work?

After clicking the “Complete task” button
A message box says “Thanks for your interest! There’ll be more “Repeat out loud” tasks to start earning money. Click on “exit” and search for the “I’d like to transcribe” section for transcription tasks.”

Atleast waive down the withdrawal threshold amount so that at least I’ll withdraw my money for God sake, or check my account if anything wrong in my I’D, I got frustrated by Atexto.

Please kindly do the needful process ASAP.

Hope u would consider my request and act soon

Hope to hear from you soon,


@AustimMunoz @Franklin ???/

@AustimMunoz @Franklin

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yo estoy igual que ti pense que podria ganar algo y hasta ahora nada


No response from them… :roll_eyes:

@mukesh, Sorry I had missed your post.
Today you have new tasks.

You have tasks available:

  • Repeat out loud.
  • I like to transcribe.

Let me know if you continue to have problems, I recommend you complete the tasks from your computer, with Chrome browser.

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same here
I don’t know how to start a task.


Hi, @RosalieGarcia,
We will notify you by mail and through the community when the tasks are available.