Yhooo....is getting boring here

Well, with all these followings issues somebody have a reason to leave the site for good:
1.Super super LOW EARNINGS
2. Regular technical errors on the platform
3.incorrect corrections
4. So many unnecessary transcription tasks which doesn’t need to be transcribed
5. Tasks runs out for a looong loong time as if something better is coming
6.So many unattended problems need to be solved
7. etc
But the main issue is on payment. If Atexto is a real company, can’t fail to pay a reasonable amount per task , it seems like is just an individual with a $20 budget tryna share to a thousand folks here on the site, really. And if Atexto is a real company can’t fail to make a follow up on those who are correcting all these tasks, and can’t fail to hire experts and good programmers.
This is what is happening:
-people are leaving the site for good
-some have just registered but not working ,just hoping maybe somedays gonna turn out good
-some just working in a desperate state
-newbies have no idea ,so they just wanna experience

But the fact is just a matter of helping each other, if i do something for ya then do something in return so that it keeps going. Then if there isn’t fairness ,at the end the whole system dies.
If atexto doesn’t improve their LOW PAYMENTS system and all other issues mentioned above , at the end there will 5 people working.
Goodday y’all!


You did a great job portraying all the issues and their effects together. I assume most of the English transcriptionists (can’t say for other languages) are having the same issues on the platform. I really want you folks to look into this matter @Franklin @AustimMunoz .


Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, hasta me da miedo trabajar no vaya a ser que me bloqueen la cuenta por las pésimas e incoherentes correcciones.

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Yes, I have a long list of reported tasks which haven’t been reviewed yet. Sadly, Atexto isn’t living upto our expectations anymore.

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Thanks to your feedback, lately the platform has received some changes at the code level which has led to some bugs appearing, with everything else mentioned we are taking it into consideration and these are things that will be improved.

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