"Your task is under review, please check it later"

I have tasks done a few minutes ago and they have been reviewed already but there were tasks accomplished 24 hours ago but says “Your task is under review, please check it later”. Will these be reviewed? Thanks.

same here i have some from a couple of days ago still under review. The ones i just did are under review.


Pelo visto está demorando…

just to share this. strong textI noticed that we have hundred seconds of tasks under review but earning is only $0.0907…I don’t think all our tasks are shown on task review and quite frustrating that a lot of mistakes like I don’t even hear what am I transcribing, so much difference from the original task to the review outcome. Not all tasks are being reviewed immediately like from February 14 still a lot but after few days after reviewed I got additional $.10 cents only. @AustimMunoz hope we will get just right amount for our hardwork. Thank you

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Hi there.

I have noticed that under “my tasks” a lot of them (some from days ago) are still not reviewed/corrected. It says “task is under review”. Is this an error in the system? Will they still get reviewed and if so, how long can this take?

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Tasks can take up to 7 days to review. Let me know if your tasks hasn’t been reviewed in that time.


I have tasks done for more than 1 month, and they keep on telling me: Tasks under correction.
Any help?

Hi @AustimMunoz ,

I have “Say it in your own words” tasks for which I got paid 1.1 usd a piece. Some for around 2 weeks ago. I see, they are still not reviewed, is there any delay in the reviews of these tasks? Or, how long does it take normally for these tasks to get reviewed?

Next to that I have another question. On the 16th of February I did 155 “I like to transcribe” tasks, which are not represented in my tasks for that day, they are missing in my overview. Could you please have a look at that?

Thank you in advance.

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